Smart heal Total security

Smart heal Total security

Kill every threat logically

Kill every threat logically

Antivirus,Anti spyware,Anti malware,Firewall,HTTPS/SSL Filtering


Smartheal Total security stops and removes viruses from automatically launching and distributing from removable devices to other systems.

Prompts for password protection on access of USB drives

Allows/Blocks executing auto-run files

Allows/Blocks files executing from USB drives

Allows/Blocks copying files to USB drives

Logs the complete history of USB drive access along with copied file details to USB drivers

Smartheal Total Security puts you in control. It allows you complete control over when your children or employees spend time online, so that you can easily schedule and manage Internet access during specific times of the day

Key Features and Benefits

Blocks viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, and other threats, without user interruption and continuous alerts

Proactive Protection from known and unknown threats

Blocks phishing attacks, hackers, and online scams

Blocks malicious programs from changing your online security software settings

Easy installation and no complex configuration

Protects all users on the network (wired and wireless)

Protects all network and guest users from web content, including HTTPs blocking

100 Web Filtering Categories

Ad Blocking

Proxy/Anonymizer blocking

Phishing protection

Botnet protection (from HTTP based command and control and Botnet “herders”)


Some online threats are a problem because of their inappropriate content. Smartheal® Web Protection blocks websites in more than 100 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, hate, racism and more.

Smart heal Total security


Smart heal Total security

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